Super Help for game Alice and The Reformatory for Witches, scene number 8

If you need a help for the Menu of the game, go to the end of this page. Here you can see the most important actions you can do in this game scene. In many scenes there are other actions to do also, but the ones listed here are the necessary ones to go through the whole game and to win. In front of the description of any action you can see a number. It is the number of the place on the scene, where you can do this action (you can tap there, drag an item there etc.). You can see this number on the image of the scene here. It is possible to do some actions immediately, but sometimes an actions can be done only later. For example after taking of some item, after talking to a person - and getting the right information etc.

Here is the image of the scene with numbered places and the most important actions to do in this scene - in these places:

1-read the rules of the reformatory
2-look at the girl
3-look at the bars
4-(later) take the food
5-use the spoon on the stone
6-look at the pillow
7-use the sharpened spoon to cut the pillow
8-(later) use the cheese in the mouse hole
9-tie the mouse with the rope
10-show the mouse to the girl
11-(later) unlock the door with the key

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