Boy and numbers - for kids

+ + +    This game - Boy and numbers - helps kids to learn numbers and simple arithmetic. Along with a little boy they are going through various scenes where they meet a magician, dinosaurs and other creatures. And they solve very simple arithmetic tasks everywhere. It is easy: Just move correct plates - with results - to tasks and you can go to a new interesting place! The game difficulty increases during the game and besides simple counting there is simply shown subtraction and number zero too. After each correct calculation something interesting happens - a new lizard appears, you can hear a sound... And there is not only the math! In many scenes there are additional places to touch and see what happens... Try it with your kids! The game should be played by children with their parents. Notice how children first calculate lines and gradually learn digits. And note also what tricks they use to fulfill the tasks! All this is fine! It is learning through play...

Publisher: Bispiral
Screenplay: Zero
Graphics: Michaela Horakova
Music: -
Approximate number of different scenes: 22
Price: Cheap

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