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The GameStylus is a project of mobile games - it includes an online editor and a game engine. Using these building blocks anyone can easily - and without any programming knowledge - create his/her own mobile game, an animation or even an educational application. It is easy to create an user account here at the web site and then to upload some graphics, sounds and music. And then to use a few of simple commands to specify what should happen in the application.

We are creating our games here as well. What games? Here you can see some examples of our games on Google Play (Android), Apple iTunes (iOS) and Windows Store (Windows 10):

Google Play

Apple iTunes

Windows Store

All Games and applications created in the GameStylus system can be played in our game player for Android and they can be converted into fully fledged apps for smartphones and tablets running Android, for iPhones and iPads and for PCs, tablets and smartphones with Windows 10.

The GameStylus is a project of Bispiral, a small company based in Prague, Czech Republic.

More information can be found below in our press releases, in our GameStylus blog and right here at of course.


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Press Releases


Twenty years later: 9 new PC adventure games

Prague 6th August 2018: More than 1.4 million players from all over the world have already downloaded the free adventure game Alice and The Reformatory for Witches - and PC users have this opportunity now. The GameStylus Studio, which developed the game, has ported this game - and 8 other adventure games too - from mobile devices to PCs.

Alice and the Magical Islands: The third part of the successful game series about the witch Alice

Prague 4th January 2018: The long awaited third part of the Alice the Witch series of adventure games is now finally available to players from all around the world on the Google Play. Its story builds on Alice's previous adventures: Alice: Reformatory for Witches and Alice and Magical Dragons, but players, who haven't played the previous parts, can play this new game too. The game comes from the Czech team of GameStylus and is available in many languages.


Space Treasure Hunters for Android and 500,000 players of Alice, the witch

The game Space Treasure Hunters for Android has been released

Alice and The Reformatory for Witches: more than 500,000 downloads

Prague March 21, 2017: The third series of classic adventure games for the Android OS - called Space Treasure Hunters - has been just released by the GameStylus studio. Like the previous two series - Mutants vs. The Chosen and Alice and The Reformatory for Witches - the Space Treasure Hunters is a classic point and click adventure game with animated, hand drawn graphics.


The Czech studio bets everything on one card: The classic adventure games for mobile phones

The game Mutants vs. The Chosen has exceeded 50,000 downloads

The new game Alice and The Reformatory for witches just came out!

Space Treasure Hunters game is coming later this year

Prague, November 7th 2016: Mutants vs. The Chosen, the two-part series of adventure games from last year, whose first episode called Hijack has been downloaded by over 50,000 players from around the world, was just a start. A small gaming studio GameStylus based in Prague comes with another three series of classic adventure games. The main characters will be Alice - a young witch, David – a space treasure hunter and Robert on the island of 16 sisters. More...


GameStylus games are now available on iPhone and iPad

Prague December 12th 2015: All major games from the GameStylus team are now available for iPads and iPhones: Mutants vs. The Chosen, Mutants vs. The Chosen 2: Traitor, Boy and Cat for kids, Boy, Dinosaurs and Numbers for kids and Alvin Fish celebrates Christmas. More...


Anybody can create mobile games for Android - from Now! project allows anybody to create mobile games easily and quickly

Prague December 9th 2014: The GameStylus system, a platform for creating of mobile games, was officially launched today. The system allows anyone, who is interested, to create games for mobile phones, tablets and other devices running the Android OS system. GameStylus consists of a web interface, where game creators can upload all elements of the game (graphics, music, sounds) and set what should happen in their game, and GameStylus application, where anyone can play the games. Finished games can also be converted to standalone applications which can be distributed on Google Play and other app stores for Android. More...