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Alice and the Magical Islands:
The third part of the successful game series about the witch Alice


  • The first part (Alice: Reformatory for Witches) has been downloaded more than 1,200,000 times
  • The GameStylus team has already released four series of adventure games
  • Alice and Magical Islands is now available for Android, iOS coming soon


Prague 4th January 2018: The long awaited third part of the Alice the Witch series of adventure games is now finally available to players from all around the world on the Google Play. Its story builds on Alice's previous adventures: Alice: Reformatory for Witches and Alice and Magical Dragons, but players, who haven't played the previous parts, can play this new game too. The game comes from the Czech team of GameStylus and is available in many languages.


Game Story: Alice now happily lives in her castle in the magical world, but the mighty sorcerer Darold M. doesn't like this. He will soon punish Alice and the dragons who helped her. So now, in the third part of the game, Alice escapes and follows the footsteps of the three wizards who once were Darold's friends. It's a journey full of spells and magical objects.

Alice and the Magical Islands is again a classic, hand-drawn adventure game with lots of items to collect and many tasks to solve. Players can use the so-called SuperHelp again - it will help them in any location of the game.


Background: GameStylus has published 4 series of adventure games so far: Mutants vs. The Chosen, Space Treasure Hunters, Island of 16 sisters and Alice the Witch. All games were created using the editor and engine, which has been created by the GameStylus team not only for themselves but also for other adventure game authors.

All GameStylus adventure games are published on both Android and iOS. The Alice series is available in 9 languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish, French and Czech. The first part of each series is free to download, others are downloadable for a symbolic amount (Alice and the Magical Islands for $1.50).


Link to the game on Google Play:


Game Screenshots: