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my character is moving too quickly in the background
author: Ivo | inserted: 16. 01. 2017, 19:39:30 | answer 
Hello, you can set the speed for any frame of the animation - in the same scene where you create the animation. Just choose the frame and set the delay in the menu "more".
author: GameStylus | inserted: 16. 01. 2017, 19:57:07 | answer 
Position of the hero
Is it possible - during the game - determine the current position of the hero somehow? At which point he stands?
author: Dan | inserted: 06. 12. 2014, 18:21:29 | answer 
Determining the position of the hero
There is no special instruction to determine the position of the hero. Usually it is sufficient to simply use an instruction to let hero walk where you want him/her. If it is not enough in a scene, then you need track the hero. When you use an instruction for the hero to go somewhere, write - to a flag - where he/she is going. Then you know where exactly he/she is (or where he/she will be in the next moment).
author: GameStylus | inserted: 06. 12. 2014, 18:51:11 | answer 

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