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Uninterruptible sequence
Can the user interrupt an uninterruptible sequence of instructions somehow? And for what instructions it is actually guaranteed that they run without any interruption?
author: Dan | inserted: 06. 12. 2014, 18:25:44 | answer 
Interrupting instructions
Uninterruptible sequence of instructions is interrupted when your hero goes to a new location (where it can be immediately switched on again, if necessary), using the right instruction and - when user uses the reset button and then the option (!) - Panic. In the normal course of the game, therefore, the sequence is not interrupted except the specified situations. Generally user can interrupt instructions, at which it is noted (when they are not in an uninterruptible sequence) - i.e. walking to a point or waiting for a certain flag. Other instructions are executed continuously - all as they go one behind another.
author: GameStylus | inserted: 06. 12. 2014, 19:57:23 | answer 

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