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Deleting a game
I guess neither games I made for practise can be deleted too, right? :)
author: Christos Kotzias | inserted: 26. 01. 2017, 19:41:22 | answer 
Deleting a game
You are right. You can delete the data (images etc.), but not the whole game... To be honest - we haven't seen any reason for it :).
author: GameStylus | inserted: 26. 01. 2017, 20:02:40 | answer -obvious- reason would be to keep things clean and tidy without having to keep all of the "garbage" you don't need but, hey, you know, you are the programmer! :) P.S. I am total unaware of coding but adding a few extra "delete" buttons, wouldn't be so time and resources consuming.....IMHO :)
author: Christos Kotzias | inserted: 27. 01. 2017, 09:30:30
P.S. 1 My intention was NOT to offend you or to make you angry or to sound like an arrogant. I just see things from a user perspective who is NOT familiar with your product. In either case, I love your product. I have tried many game engines, for general purpose and adventure gaming and yours it's TRULY the only one with no coding skills required. :)))
author: Christos Kotzias | inserted: 27. 01. 2017, 09:36:00
Thank you for your feedback! It is always valuable to hear from our users! (And regarding the Delete buttons :) - It is not that easy, as, for example, when somebody deletes his/her game by mistake, it must be allowed to undelete it - but some people may expect the game to be really wiped, so they would hate the undelete choice... etc... But we have about 20 our own projects here and you are right - it is going to get a little bit chaotic then, so maybe in the future...)
author: GameStylus | inserted: 27. 01. 2017, 18:29:48
20 projects???? Wooow :)
author: Christos Kotzias | inserted: 28. 01. 2017, 14:38:00
Stand alone program and native desktop export
Hello Mr. Petr Mandik. I have a question to make. Actually, it's a big concern about your project. As we already know, GameStylus is a web-based application, hosted in, which you own. Let's say that after 1 year, your life changes and you decide to close (of course, I am the last person on Earth thinking about that to actually happen but anyways). What will happen to all of us, who like to use your application in order to make adventure games? Why don't you consider making your game as a stand alone application, running under Windows, Mac OS and Linux, so we can export it to these platforms too? It's not that I don't like using your application the way it works right now. It's just the fear that -maybe- someday something will happen and everything will be lost... isn't that a pity?
author: Christos Kotzias | inserted: 25. 01. 2017, 08:33:26 | answer 
I understand
Hello Mr. Kotzias, I understand your worries. To be honest - we made GameStylus to help us to create adventure games and we wanted to help other people to make their games too, so we made it available to all people. But to port the project - which you recommend - would take a lot of time and resources. This is the reason it is working - and - I hope - will be working - the way it is.
author: GameStylus | inserted: 26. 01. 2017, 00:32:33 | answer 
Deleting a location
Is it possible to delete a location I created?
author: Christos Kotzias | inserted: 26. 01. 2017, 14:36:57
Deleting a location
No, it is not possible. But you can change the name and background of the location, you can delete all objects in it - and use it again. Or you can just let it be, because the location needs only a few bytes of memory, so there is no problem with unused locations in the game.
author: GameStylus | inserted: 26. 01. 2017, 14:41:12
Font for in-game
Hello. I want to ask if there is a way to change the font of the text that is used in the game to represent narrative and dialog.
author: Kris | inserted: 29. 11. 2016, 06:23:00 | answer 
Also, I would like to know if I could add speech to the dialog....
author: Kris | inserted: 29. 11. 2016, 06:25:39 | answer 
You can add speech as a sound. So just before you use the instruction for the text you need to use the instruction for the sound (and the sound = the recorded speech). But the texts may be localized to many languages, the sound can't. So if you need to localize the speech as well you would need to create your own variable (flag), your player can set it in your special menu at the beginning of the game and then you would need to use it to switch among languages during the dialogs.
author: GameStylus | inserted: 29. 11. 2016, 11:10:38
Hello, it is not possible to change the font, the standard font of the device is used.
author: GameStylus | inserted: 29. 11. 2016, 11:06:34 | answer 
Types of applications
For what kinds of applications can GameStylus actually be used? In addition to the adventures and learning apps, which you mention in your articles here...
author: Dan | inserted: 06. 12. 2014, 18:31:02 | answer 
Using the system
GameStylus can be used for the applications where the functions of the system are useful (and sufficient) :). So - in addition to adventures and some educational applications - it certainly should be possible to create interactive animations for Android here, animated interactive presentations and the like. On the contrary, you quite certainly can not create 3D action games here :).
author: GameStylus | inserted: 06. 12. 2014, 20:09:51 | answer 

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