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GameStylus games are now available on iPhone and iPad

Press Release

Prague December 12th 2015: All major games from the GameStylus team are now available for iPads and iPhones: Mutants vs. The Chosen, Mutants vs. The Chosen 2: Traitor, Boy and Cat for kids, Boy, Dinosaurs and Numbers for kids and Alvin Fish celebrates Christmas.

The first episode of Mutants and Boy with Cat can be downloaded for free, the second part of Mutants, the Boy, Dinosaurs and Numbers and the Alvin Fish celebrates Christmas for less than 2 euro. On the Android platform all the games together were downloaded over 35,000 times so far.

The thing we recently worked on was porting our game engine GameStylus to iOS (iPhone, iPad). Any game created on can be easily run on iOS now. From now on the GameStylus engine is multiplatform.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

For the most accurate information, please use the direct contact to GameStylus project leader:

Petr Mandík, petr.mandik(at)