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Anybody can create mobile games for Android - from Now! project allows anybody to create mobile games easily and quickly



On, people can just upload their graphic, simply set what their game should do - and the game is finished.

GameStylus focuses on Adventure games, but it is also possible to create other applications, such as learning apps.

There is no need for tedious programming and treatment of various system events - everything is done by the GameStylus system.

Supported is, of course, not only graphics, but music and sounds as well, and multilingual texts; using the GameStylus system and games created by users is free.


The whole press release:

Prague December 9th 2014: The GameStylus system, a platform for creating of mobile games, was officially launched today. The system allows anyone, who is interested, to create games for mobile phones, tablets and other devices running the Android OS system. GameStylus consists of a web interface, where game creators can upload all elements of the game (graphics, music, sounds) and set what should happen in their game, and GameStylus application, where anyone can play the games. Finished games can also be converted to standalone applications which can be distributed on Google Play and other app stores for Android.

The GameStylus system is designed primarily for Adventure games – the games with a story where a hero pursues a goal and along the way performs some tasks. However, people can also create other types of applications there and take advantage of the system. At this time, there are first games directly on the web site – simple ones for small children, but also two adventures - Alvin Fish celebrates Xmas - and Mutants versus The Chosen: Kidnapped. Selected games are already available as standalone applications on Google Play as well (for free or very cheap).

To get a better idea how the GameStylus system can be used to create games, people can take a look at text and video tutorials that are currently available in English.

- Basic instructions and video:

- More advanced instructions and footage from a real game:

The GameStylus system and currently available games were developed during about 18 months and more games from the GameStylus team are in various stages of completion. The GameStylus project team consists of people with experience in creating adventure games for PC, but also of artists for whom GameStylus has been first such an experience.

The basic idea of the project is simplicity. The GameStylus system is based on 2D and pseudo-3D graphics and requires no programming knowledge. Because of this, all key barriers hindering the process of creating adventure games and educational applications are removed now. No technical knowledge is required, just a desire to create a game and to offer players an interesting story.

Using GameStylus system is completely free. It is free to create games and to download the GameStylus app, where anybody can play the user games. Game creators who are interested in offering their games as paid, can also create them directly on the GameStylus web site, and then the GameStylus team ensures their conversion to full-featured Android applications suitable for placement on Google Play and other app stores. In this case, any income from sales is shared between the game creators and the GameStylus.



If you have any questions, please contact us.

For the most accurate information, please use the direct contact to GameStylus project leader:

Petr Mandík, petr.mandik(at)


Links to selected games on Google Play:

Mutants versus The Chosen: Kidnapped

Alvin Fish celebrates Xmas